Sunday, December 23, 2012


Its the day before Christmas Eve and I'm siting in a somewhat empty room thinking about all the changes and challenges I've faced this last year and how so many things are so different than last Christmas.

Last year I was preparing for a holiday with the in laws and excited to see everyone. I was working at the radio station and feeling so good about things.

This year um preparing for a winter move, and working through the holiday. Even with the stress and chaos, I can't help but think that its strange that although my circumstances have changed so drastically, I still feel good about things.

Anyone that knows me at all knows I'm not a huge fan of change. It scares me to be honest. So with all if the changes I've gone through in he last few months since spring, it sort of shocks me that I haven't combusted.

1) Marriage ending.  Although this is sad, and I struggled in the beginning, I can honestly say its made me stronger and I've learned a lot about myself through it. I'm also very lucky to say that Jeremy and I still get along well, and his Mother and I, as well as Grandma and others, will always remain close. Somethings just aren't what we planned for I suppose.

2) Moving (a few times). I detest moving. Packing and unpacking, the having to buy the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and other miscellaneous supplies stresses me out. But I lived with my best friend and enjoyed one of the single greatest summers of my life. I can't thank Lacy enough for being the person she is. Wine nights with spaghetti and the Xfactor or Investigate Discovery sort of defined our home lives. That and the crazy randomness that always seemed to find us here on East Terry will be some of my best memories. But this Christmas finds us packing our lives and moving to separate homes. New beginnings for both of us.

3) Work. Work has been one of the most rewarding and frustrating parts of my life this year. Lacy and I were able to demonstrate that calm under pressure and working your ass off pays of. In September she took over as manager, and I as trainer. She and I went from reps on the phone to running the center together in just a few months.

I'm so proud of what I have accomplished and overcome. Even though its a bittersweet ending  to so many things, 2012 made me better and stronger in so many ways. (Even if it still kicked my ass some too.)

So for 2013 I look forward to a new place, more projects, and getting back to blogging.

Merry Christmas everyone, and have a blessed new year.