Featured Hobbyist

The Featured Hobbyist for February 2012 is.....
Kim Kallis!

This is what she looks like:  

Kim is my kid-sister...so I admit that I am completely bias, but isn't she just beautiful?!
But I will stop gushing as to not embarrass her.

Kim is EASILY the most talented person I know.

She has taught herself to play the bass, among other things, but she is really known for her drawings.

Like I said, she is SUPER talented. 
As in, these are drawings and NOT photographs!

She is one of very few people that I know who can put a pen to paper and make it transform into some of the most beautiful things.

I know its corny but I am so proud to be her sister! 
(Who wouldn't be seeing work like this?!)

Kim, like myself, grew up in good ole Spring Grove, Minnesota. 
She has been drawing seriously, since she could pick up a pencil. For as long as I can remember, her art, whether it is music, drawing, or something in between, has been her outlet. 

After she graduated high school, she went on to complete a certificate in web-design, so she goes digital as well! 
Her creativity knows no bounds! She may have a tendency to be a little "darker" than I, but I can appreciate  her vision just as much, if not even more because it differs so much from mine.

What can I say, she is the PB to my J.

If you wish to be amazed further, you can check her out on facebook and see more of her art. She has some of her posters and things on there too.

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