Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A little bit of a few things...

Okay, so I have been a bad blogger lately. I admit it. I haven't posted much, and I haven't even done a project in WAY too long...I am not quite sure what to do with myself!

However, I am on the mend from my illness last week, and it is so nice to say that I am feeling SO much better!

In my last post I mentioned that I might be getting something new to post about, and so I am excited to share my newest ink with you!

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It is on the inside of my right wrist and a little gnarly looking since I took the photo the day after I got it. It is a white ink tattoo which means that once it is all healed up and the scab is gone it is going to look more like a scar than a tattoo. It's gonna be very faint which is the whole reason I wanted it in white...It will be easy to conceal if I need to and just delicate enough...The little heart is right where my hometown (Spring Grove) is. I just love it! I got it done by Jessica at Hold Fast Tattoos in Ottumwa. She did a great job; I love my newest ink! 
(I have a total of 6 now!)

I also celebrated Valentine's Day with Jeremy of course!
He was amazing to send me some flowers at work:

I just love stuff like this! 
The timing couldn't have been better too...

Yesterday I really needed a pick-me-up because I had to quit my job on short notice. 
(That is a WHOLE different post though...there is nothing wrong or anything, just don't want to get into it really...and NO. I am most certainly NOT pregnant either.) 
 I was feeling really bad about it, and then these showed up and kind of turned my day around!

Plus later on, I got a call that I won a 22 piece stainless steel cookware set from Bradley Hall here in Centerville! I have NEVER won anything, so you can imagine that I was VERY excited!

I had a VERY good Valentine's Day! I got flowers, won a prize, and made my husband a steak dinner, and wrapped it all up with a movie. 

I hope you enjoyed your holiday too!

I DO have a certain project in mind that I am hoping to get up on here some time this week (hopefully) with a garage sale find! So keep your eyes open for that!

I am excited to let you all in on some of the changes that are in store for me as they come as well! 


Thursday, February 9, 2012

Just a break...

Hello lovelies...I have been less than consistent on here as of late, and it bums me out.
This whole week I have been sick with a sinus infection and a case of tonsillitis. Not really my idea of a good week, but I have been trying to get well. I have missed a bunch of work (boo) and have spent almost the entire week in bed. On the upside (?) , I have watched almost 5 seasons of Dexter. Okay that's not really too much of an upside, but I have to try and see the silver lining right? One thing I can say for sure, is that I have gotten some real quality time with Ralph and Boof. They are good company to keep when you don't feel well...
I see the doctor again tomorrow to see if we can't get it all figured out. Then hopefully I will be getting a new something to share with you...
Until then my dears,