My name is Andie... This is what I look like:

 I love doing crafts. 
Perhaps "craft" isn't the best word. I prefer projects. I have become somewhat obsessed with DIY projects that are useful around the house, or my own take on a more expensive item.

I do these projects at the home that I share with my awesome-sauce husband. His name is Jeremy, and he is pretty boss...
This is what he looks like: 

Yep... I get to come home to that every night. He is pretty much my fave. 

We also share two pets. We have no human kids, so we pretty much treat our pets like our kids. 

Ralph is our oldest. He is a puggle, and quite possibly the cutest dog that has ever walked the Earth. (I admit that I am more than a little bias.) 
See for yourself:

Take a few seconds to recover from the adorable overload you have just experienced....

So not only do we have the worlds cutest dog, but we also have a cuh-razy cat. Originally, we had named her Merlotte, but decided that was too long of a name, and didn't quite fit our kitty. So, meet Boof: 

I feel like that name is so much more fitting.

So now that you have met me and my amazeballs family, poke around my blog a little bit and see what we're up to occasionally! 

If you try any of my projects, let me know too! I love taking little adventures in creativity, and I would love to see how they work out for you!