Friday, October 21, 2011

DIY Wedding Projects!

With Jeremy and My first wedding anniversary just a week from Sunday, I thought that I would share some of my favorite wedding projects that were made by us!

Like many couples out there, we had a pretty tight budget for our nuptials, and that compounded by the fact that I hate spending money on stuff I can do myself, we had many projects that we did "in-house" rather than order out of a catalog, or online.

The flowers were actually my first undertaking. Now to be clear, I am most surely NOT a florist, & I have never pretended that I am. With that said, I knew that the flowers would be one thing that NOBODY would be able to do right. Not that I wanted something all that complex. I am just overly controlling, and I thought that I would be nice and spare some nice florist the headache that would have been working with the future Mrs. Bratz. Right away I decided that silk would be the way to go because I am a sentimental sap that keeps everything. I purchased the flowers at Evergreen's in Kirksville, and Hobby Lobby. I was very happy with how my bouquet turned out. (may it rest in peace.(long story)) The other part of that was finding something for the girls and myself to put our flowers in at the reception. After a tireless search, I decided again that I would just make something, and my mason jar idea was adorable. Just some raffia at the bottom, wrapped some fall ribbon around the jar, and created a tin star/berries "thinger" and hot glue it all together. Voila.

The next thing that we made ourselves that I also loved was our favors. I am all about the cute country or primitives look, so the galvanized pails worked great with that! Jeremy got us some clear stickers with a big "B" and "10.30.10" on em, stick stickers on buckets, fill with candy = insta-favors! (And a BIG hit with the kids I might add!) We also had massive clear glass jars full of mints and candy corn. (Our dessert table was something to behold! More on that in a second.) We also made a few signs for different things using my beloved barn wood, acrylic paint, and homemade stencils.

Our centerpieces were also a little different. We just used table runners and pumpkins with some very cute floral picks to accent. (In case you didn't notice, we went a little pumpkin crazy, but it was BEAUTIFUL. Perfect fall wedding!)

Finally, Jeremy's ever gracious Aunt Luanne did our cake(s). Luanne busted her butt making a trillion cupcakes as well as the most beautiful wedding cake I have ever laid eyes on! It was so unique (Jeremy actually picked it out.) and we had so many compliments not only on how breathtaking it was, but everyone said that the cake was the best they ever had. So many different flavors too! Chocolate cake, white, pumpkin and more.......A million thanks to Luanne again and again!

I guess the moral of this long rambling is this: When you do things yourself, or if a wonderful family member will help out with some things, your wedding will be that much more memorable, as well as personal. I love having all the different keepsakes that we got to keep because we made them instead of renting them, or having them die or something. DIY is always more fun!! Here are some pictures from that BEAUTIFUL day!

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