Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Pinterest Project...

Happy Weekend everyone!
We made it through the work week, and here we are on another weekend!
I was so excited that I woke up, ran to the store, and started crafting nice and early! I have seen a trillion of these on pinterest, and have been dying to make one of my own, so today was the day! I was doing the mason jar shelf!
They are so simple and ADORABLE! Here is my finished product:

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The only thing that is misleading on here, is the stars...they aren't actually attached to the shelf. They are bouquet picks in the jar. Pictured to the right is a closer look at the jar and the color of the shelf. I used one of my favorite crafting products; the crackle paint to achieve this look. I normally don't really get into the teals and such colors for the home, but I thought I would give it a shot this time, and I am so glad that I did! I think these colors are so great! Just a pop of color, and almost a Spring feel - I just love it! The shelf as a unit is pretty versatile! Jeremy and I were talking about how you can use it for "supplies", or flower vases, and his favorite, plant a little herb garden in the jars! I am so excited about this project in particular because it was more assembly and a little bit of building and measuring than just using Sally and winging it. (Not that I don't still love her of course!)

I love these so much, that I am going to start taking orders for them! I can do pretty much any color, size and number of jars. Price will obviously depend on how many jars, how long etc. but one this size will run just $20! Click my 'contact' tab to e-mail me, or leave me a comment if you're interested! I will also negotiate shipping if need be!

Ralph was jealous and thought that he should be included in this post as well....he says "Order one of these from my Mom! She is awesome, and these are awesome, and you'll be awesome too!"

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. very cool, andi. looks good on the wall and ralph looks pretty handsome as well.

  2. This is so cool...!
    Thanks fo rsharing, Kimberlee


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