Sunday, January 22, 2012

Time for a Giveaway!

My beloved Ralph is turning 4 on the 31st of January, and so I thought that I would celebrate with a giveaway!

I have a set of two redneck wineglasses up for grabs! Here are the rules/instructions:

1. Share this link: in your facebook status.
2. Click here and comment on my wall and tell me what your favorite craft is. You can post a photo, or just type it out. Whatever you wanna do!

That's it! Its so simple! Then on Tuesday the 31st, I will pick a winner!

Winner will be picked at random, and will take home a set of those adorable redneck wineglasses! 

Good Luck everyone!


  1. Oh I just shared your giveaway!! And I love all easy copiable (is that a word??) crafts!!!


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