Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Crafting Products...

Greetings readers!
Today I wanted to jump into something that I am asked about quite often, and that is actually very simple. People ask me all the time what products I use, or how I achieve different effects to my projects. There are many different tools and products that I use, but like any loyal hobbyist or crafter, there are some tried and true staples to my collection. 
Sadly, when you open my hobby drawer, it is a hot mess. Nothing is organized. Instead I abuse my lovelies by tossing everything in together. Sloppiness and disorder. This is how I treat the tools of my trade. 

Pitiful. I know.

Perhaps I could clean it up a bit for you, and actually explain a little?

There...I am not a total troll. I can clean up a little.
From left to right you see some of my paints, (notice the crackle paint on the far right) followed by my sandpaper block, and finally a couple of my brushes, my hammer, and upholstery nails.
My paints are always very basic acrylic paint. Mostly because I am cheap. Each of these run about a dollar at Wal-Mart, or any other hobby store. My most favorite is the crackle paint. I use it on so much it is crazy. It adds a rustic, or antique look to just about anything. 

The other "aging" product that I use is my sandpaper block. Obviously I need a new one; this one is looking pretty ratty. It is pictured on a piece of barn wood; my favorite medium. If you live where I do, you can go up to One of a Kind (just off the square, across the street from Iowa Trust) and they will cut you a piece in pretty much any size you want. We used it a bunch at our wedding. (blog about DIY wedding projects to come.)

Then finally you have my mason jar cup 'o tools. I use mostly coarse brushes because they do better on barn wood, and I like the texture they afford me. However, depending on the project, I use different ones. The upholstery nails are usually the most unusual product that I use. People think it is weird, but when I want to add a little something, or if I am attaching a hanging wire, they look really neat. That, and they are also like a dollar a pack. (I am a "frugal" crafter)

Other things not mentioned specifically are my many stencils (not much of a free-hander) and my glue gun (I secretly named her Sally.) A glue gun is a staple to any hobby-ist crafter, but people are always surprised for whatever reason when I tell them, "Oh you like that? Yeah, I did that with a glue gun." So simple its stupid!

Well kiddos, I hope that I have enlightened you as to how I achieve the level of amazing that I do with my projects. Nothing special, just being creative and finding new uses for some everyday things. (mostly because I'm kinda poor........okay really poor. jeez) 

I look forward to working on some more projects and sharing them with you! I have a couple ideas a-brewin!


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  1. My art stuff looked the same way. I just recently cleaned it up and put it all away in a cabinet. lol


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