Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New Things!

Maybe you're like me. I just LOVE finding new things! New books, music, websites etc. It is only Tuesday, and I have been introduced to some AWESOME new things already this week! It sort of makes my day when someone can not only share a quirky interest with me, but also teach me how to delve a little further into said interest, and share it with others, while at the same time mentioned others are sharing with me! (Are you still with me?)


While at work yesterday, my lovely friend and co-worker, Afton, showed me something that was so exciting that we were both giddy with excitement! If you have not checked out the website pinterest.com, DO IT! Here's the link: 

This site is adorable, amazing, and addicting! It is like a mash-up of twitter, facebook, and a blog. Thanks Afton, another addiction for Andie!

Another site that I found relates directly to my blog. 

This has so many cute buttons, "blinkies", and backgrounds. (Mine is pretty cute, eh?)

If you're a hobbyist like myself, a blogger, or just interested in new things, take a few minutes and click the links above. These sites are awesome, and deserve attention!

Now after looking at these, I am all inspired to start a new project! If you'll notice at the top of my HOME page, there are some new pages! (Yay!) Take a look at them! One of them is a PROJECTS tab that I am hoping to be able to add something to very soon! Peruse a little bit, and love my blog as much as I do!


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  1. I love what you've done with the place. Nothing wrong with a spider web on a blog. Can't wait to see it sparkle at Christmas time. Nuff said, time to pin something!


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