Sunday, December 4, 2011

A new space, and a new project...

Hello Lovelies!
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Yet another weekend is about to wrap up, and I hope yours was GREAT! Mine was pretty lazy I guess you could say. Jeremy and I cleaned up the house a little and moved my crafting area into a different room. It is nice to have more of my own space and not be right in the main living area. Looks nice, eh?! We moved it into the "spare" room. I had some "new" shelves that a friend picked up for me, and was able to make better use of my space. I really like it!

I think the kitty does too.
So once I was all "moved-in" I of course had to go right to work! I had a TON of picks left over from our wedding, and just started messing        around with them on a wreath and ended up liking what I saw, so I just kept going with it. It was a little but tedious, but in the end, it was so worth it! Turned out great!
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Then I just painted up some letters, and finished it off.

I am in love with this one because it isn't necessarily "holiday specific". You can absolutely put it up for Christmas, but this one can be left up all year long. What do you think of it?!

I sadly have no space for it, so if you would like to take it home, message me here and it could be yours!


  1. I love your new room and all the things you make! Cheryl

  2. damn, your house is festive. nice wreath.


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