Thursday, October 27, 2011


Sadly I have neglected you this week, readers! My sincerest apologies....
I thought today that I would introduce you a little bit more to my, pets. 
Anyone that knows me knows that I am madly in love with my puggle; Ralph, and my kitten; Merlotte{Mer-lot}.
I will start with Ralph, since he is my first born. 
We fell in love with him the moment we saw him! He was so rolly-polly and cute! We got him from a breeder in Eddyville, and were smitten from the would be too if this little mini monster hobbled up to you and howled. For real. He howled.

I chose him A) Because he is obviously adorable and B) He was fat, and we knew he would retain his soul melting wrinkles. He was made for us! I don't think I have ever seen a cuter puppy, have you?! (Didn't think so.) Ralph is a puggle, which means that he is a mix between a pug and a beagle. Once thought of as a mutt, then a designer dog, and now puggles will soon be recognized as their own breed. (woop! woop!) Ralph likes The following things: the MN Vikings,  the Iowa Hawkeyes, barking at nothing, running through the house at full speed for no reason, eating cat food, and sleeping.  He is so full of life, and so funny! He really is a part of our family...I seriously can't imagine our lives without him! Looking back at these photos, I can't believe how much he has grown! Ralph will be 4 years old January 31st this year, and he has gone from the size of a pop can, to a 40lb beast!

Merlotte came along this fall. She was a kitten that was actually given to a friend of ours that was supposed to be for his little sister. (I'm not a heartless kitten thief, keep reading!) They decided that they didn't want a kitten in the house, (Told you I didn't burgle her from a child!)and with winter and cold weather fast approaching, we took her in. (Okay, I begged Jeremy for a kitten.....same diff.)

Merlotte is FULL of personality. Sometimes, maybe too much so. She loves the sound of her own "meow". She will meow and meow until she can meow no more. She loves not just meowing, but biting toes, antagonizing Ralph, zooming through the house to randomly jump at nothing, sitting on my shoulder while on the iMac watching the cursor on the screen, batting around a NyQuil cap for hours, (really....HOURS) and basking in the sun. She too is growing fast! Ralph has a little bff to cause trouble with!

Aw.....I told you they are BFF's.

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  1. furry babies are the best. its so cute how those two lil' monsters snuggle. maybe I'll get my pooch a kitty...he'd probably try to eat it.


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