Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Season of Thanks....

Halloween has wrapped up (sadface) and now it is on to another holiday, followed by another, and then yet another. I adore this time of year. Mostly because it is kind of hard to find someone in a growly (I might have made that word up, but I like the descriptiveness of it.) mood. It seams as if everyone, even if only temporarily, is in a cheerful mood. Their outlook on life is a little less bleak because after the excitement and fun of Halloween is over, it turns to the Thanksgiving holiday. Lets be honest, it's pretty much an ignored holiday, popular only for turkey and ridiculous shopping the following day. Perhaps Thanksgiving is kind of Christmas' less attractive, friendless sister.  However, the time right after Halloween is prime Thanksgiving time. It is right before people go into crazy Christmas mode (myself included) with all of the shopping and decorating. It is a small window of opportunity that Thanksgiving has to really be the star. But its there... all over facebook people are giving thanks in their status updates, letting us know how much they love their families and friends, and as this draws on and we are struggling to find reasons that aren't completely shallow for being thankful, the statuses will start saying things like, "I am thankful that Christmas is almost here." (You can only be thankful for things that aren't actual objects so many times, and there is like twenty-something days left 'til Turkey Day.) Then just like that, that aforementioned window slams shut. So I guess what I am saying is that I am making an effort to give Thanksgiving it's due...............Even if they don't have an awesome mascot like Santa, or Rudolph, or Jesus. (yes folks, no disrespect by referring to our savior as a "mascot" but he kind of Jesus, no Christmas...) I mean, Easter has a Bunny, St. Patrick's Day has Leprechauns, the 4th of July even has Uncle Sam. All I am saying is that Thanksgiving also needs to help itself. 

You can't tell me this looks fun....this poor kid looks terrified!

A turkey? Really? Turkeys (yes 'turkeys' is correct, it looked funny to me too.) are scary! If you don't think so, get chased by one.....or ten, and report back to me....anyways, I am getting off topic. In short, I like to represent for Thanksgiving for the same one, to two week time frame like everyone else, but then I am ready to move on to the sparkle and excitement that is Christmas. So this is me making an effort to remind people to be thankful for their families, friends, pets, toys, books, games, and that it is almost Christmas and give Thanksgiving the respect it deserves. Even if it is a little bit less than Christmas. ;)

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