Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Happily Homemade

Gosh, it seems like forever ago that I last posted...(I am a very busy, and also important professional adult.)
But really, I have been quiet lately, and it isn't because I love you all any less, it has been because I have been swamped. I have been busy not only with work, but with making some lovely Christmas gifts. As they are Christmas gifts, I cannot upload any photos (yet) because that would ruin the surprise. However, I fully intend on sharing with you once they are opened.
What homemade things have you all been busy with?
I have made the effort to give at least one homemade item for every store bought one, and if it is store bought, I have REALLY tried to go small business. (although sadly, not all of the things on my wishlists could be done that way.)
If you don't hear from me until after the holiday, I hope that yours is blessed with Family, Friends, and Loved Ones!

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