Thursday, December 29, 2011

I'm still here!

Hello Lovelies!
It has been faaaaaar too long since I have posted, but I have been busy with the holidays! I hope you have a fantastical Christmas, and that your New Year is awesome-sauce too!
My Christmas was so amazing! I got so many treasures I can't even list them all! However, I DID get a whole TON of crafting supplies from Jeremy, so after the New Year calms down a little bit, I have every intention of getting back at it!
I just wanted to let everyone know that I have NOT fallen off of the face of the Earth, and I wanted to share a photo that I didn't get over Thanksgiving..........If you remember in the Flannel-y Tradtions post, I wasn't able to photograph the majesty of a big family all in flannels. you go.....Brady're welcome. ;)
From Top to Bottom:
Grandma & Grandpa Bratz, Brad & Chrissy, Conner, Joe & Angie, Kathy & Phil, Jeremy & Me, Luanne & Larry, Sawyer, Gunner, Ian, Larissa & Adam with Baby Danika

Sadly, we are missing Lacy & Tyler, Anthony & Crystal with Neveah...They weren't able to be there for the photo.

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