Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Big Bang Theory:

So this past weekend I got a new haircut! I was so excited to go in and get it done because it seems like it has been forever and a day since I have done something really new.
As most ladies know, trying something new with your hair can be quite nerve wracking!
"How is it going to look?!" "Is my husband/boyfriend/sig. other going to like it?!" "What if I hate it?!"
All questions we ask ourselves before going under the sheers and the trusted hands of our hairdressers.
Once that first swoop of the razor, or crisp stroke of the scissors hits, you get that little punch in the gut of "Holy S*#t! What have I done?!".
But as she continues cutting and shaping, (hopefully) you begin to calm down a little, and are just excited to see the end result.
Once the dryer fires up you have a better idea of what you're in for. After enduring the heat and the pulling and the combing - finally it stops. You sit in silence while the finishing touches are applied before the dramatic spin of that trusty salon chair.
Without a choice, you stare into the looking glass and find a new (hopefully) improved you staring back.
That's what I did on Saturday, and this is what I had looking back at me:

So what do you think?! I love it! So different! I haven't had bangs in YEARS, so it was a welcome change! Jeremy's aunt Luanne did a fantastic job. So happy to have a new look that is SO different than what I have had recently!
Just thought I would share this since I didn't really have any projects that I did over the weekend. I was WAY too into NFL playoffs and The Hunger Games. (You absolutely MUST read these books if you haven't yet, btw!)


  1. Love the look! I would have been a nervous wreck. It took me 2 years to grow out my bangs, and for me, I just don't want them anymore.

  2. Oh and I meant to say, I love Sheldon!! But really who doesn't??


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