Friday, November 11, 2011

Nothing a coat of paint can't spruce up!

Hello again! 
Recently, my amazing Jeremy brought home a few great treasures for me. Where he works they have a sort of Buy, Sell, and Trade throughout the company where people put their stuff up for sale. Things like cars, bikes, toys, random household items, to even homes themselves. We have never really found anything that we loved and were actually able to bring home until the other day when a nice lady was getting rid of some old crates. Nothing special, just old, kind of rickety crates. It was a set of two for just ten bucks, so being the bestest of the best, he came home with them. So obviously since then, I have been just abuzz with ideas. 

Last night I actually undertook the project of painting one. Once I started, I realized that it was gonna take a while. (2 hours or so actually.) It is hard to see, but these crates are made Lincoln log style, and therefore you have to paint ALL SIDES of each slat. It was a test of my crafting endurance for sure. However, once finished, it looked much better. Then I grabbed Sally (my glue gun...for a background on THAT, check out my "products" post.) and embellished a little more on it. I think it is simply adorable, and for sure something to have all year round. I can't decide what exactly to put in it yet. Maybe my Country Living subscription or something.....

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